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Coat: Zara (Similar HERE, HERE & HERE) | Top: H&M Turtleneck (Similar HERE) | Bottom: Paige (Similar HERE) | Shoes: Banana Republic (Similar HERE) | Bag: Renata Corsi (Featured HERE) | Belt: H&M* (Similar HERE) | Sunglasses: BP

.. NUDES ..


What is it with monochrome ensembles that makes an outfit in an instant? You can never go wrong with varying tones of one color. I find it very easy to do (mainly because I have many neutrals in my wardrobe) when you’re short on time or if you want to stand out. Yes, dressing in a monochromatic way pulls you out in a crowd. It may seem like such a simple outfit BUT it doesn’t exclude how simply chic you will be.
You can add pieces with texture, like I have here in lace, which gives the pieces their own personality. Or you can go with an all tweed outfit in black. However you wear it is your style. It’s about owning it.

xx. Valentine

Top: Forever 21 | Bottom: J.Crew (Similar HERE & HERE) | Shoes: Charles David (Similar HERE) | Handbag: Michael Michael Kors*| Earrings: F21 (Similar HEREHERE)

color war


Spring is just around the corner as the weather settles. I’m excited for all the light pieces I’ve stocked up on. I’m that person that shops off season. So in the warmer months, I’ll look for Winter/Fall deals, and in the colder months, I’ll shop for Spring/Summer bargains.


It’s all about knowing when to look for those deals. I’m an online shopper (since shopping malls can be too busy) you know about deals sooner. And signing up for a retailer’s email benefits you. They make sure you get the best deals. I mean, not all retailers have the best savings but it allows you to see which one is right for your style and budget.
I hope everyone’s having a wonderful week. Thanks so much for reading.

xx. Valentine

Top: Topshop | Bottom: H&M (Similar HERE & HERE) | Shoes: Zara* (Similar HERE & HERE) | Sunglasses* (Similar HERE)

..Valentine’s ..


Now everyone doesn’t always enjoy today for the purpose of not having a significant other. But I believe soul mates come in all forms. Whether it’s a friend, family member or a pet. It’s being able to share the love that makes today count.


But every year this day comes around, it lets me know my third undeclared birthday has arrived. My real birth date is in January and I also believe in half birthdays (since I’m a winter baby), which would make mine on July 4th. Of course, I’m not boasting that I should be treated more special, but it’s pretty awesome to be named after a holiday.
I hope everyone finds love however befitting. Happy Valentine’s Day friends!
xx. Valentine
Top: H&M | Bottom: Asos (Similar HERE & HERE) | Shoes: Target (Similar HERE & HERE) | Handbag: Charming Charlie (Similar HERE & HERE) | Lips: Revlon (Similar HERE)

on EDGE // black & white

And the story goes…



I’ve owned this Michael Kors blazer for 5 years and it still looks like when I first purchased it. Back when I was employed by them and the blazer first made its appearance, it ran for 450. It was definitely an outrageous price. I would watch interested parties try her on but back it went, onto the rack.
So two winters go by and still, no one purchased it. Because I worked in retail, of course I tried it on numerous times as well. And then a couple months before I left the company, the blazer had gone down to 50 and that was my calling. Good things do come to those who wait. From then on, it’s been a go to piece for Fall and Winter.
I just wanted to share how this little beauty came into my life. And I know not every fashion savvy person agrees with purchasing leather products. But to each their own. I just believe quality over quantity.
Thanks so much for reading. Have a wonderful day!
Michael Michael Kors Blazer (Similar HERE & HERE) | Ann Taylor Sweater (Similar HERE & HERE) | Paige Denim (Similar) | Banana Republic Boots (Similar HERE & HERE) | Renata Corsi Crossbody | BP Sunglasses

comfy luxe

Chunky knits are THE BEST comfort clothes! I can’t tell you how many white, black and grey sweaters I’ve acquired in the last couple years. What’s funny is how every one of them differs from the other, leading to the “this one has detailed sleeves”; “that one has a different knit” or “this one is so chunky”. Of course, you only need at max maybe three, each in a neutral color or print but it’s definitely a struggle when they’re all so cute!


And can I point out how versatile knits are for most of the seasons. Depending on how you wear it, they can be layered under coats for the colder months or lightly layered for the cooler months of spring and fall. I can’t tell myself no now, when I can wear it for three seasons out of the year.


But what I LOVE about this ensemble is the monochromatic effect. There’s always something refreshing about the overall concept. I switch up color combinations in between two or three. I learned from Olivia Palermo who keeps it at two colors when she wants an outfit to stand out. Less is definitely more. And it doesn’t necessarily have to be neutral colors or a monochromatic palette, it can be contrasting as well.
Now I added the fedora to complete everything. I walked out of the house so bundled up, my boyfriend asked for a fast draw (a duel between two cowboys in those western films). Funny as it was then, I still confidently strutted this outfit. I mean fedoras are a staple for Rosie H. Whitley. And here, I believe I channeled it in my own way. 😉

xx. Valentine

Gap Cardigan (Similar HERE & HERE) | H&M Tie Top (Similar) | Levi’s Denim (Similar HERE) | Banana Republic Boots (Similar HERE & HERE) | H&M Scarf (Similar HERE & HERE) | Brixton Wool Fedora | Renata Corsi Crossbody| BP Sunglasses (Similar HERE & HERE)