“..a little Rome..”

_MG_9961 copy

I stumbled upon this colorful alley while scouting for another photo shoot and I had to come back. While looking, I already mindlessly picked out this outfit while peeking through the little shops. It’s quaint and reminds me of something you’d encounter in Rome, Italy. But I have only seen the little roads and shops of Rome through pictures.

_MG_0052_MG_0095 copy

Yet it felt like I went on a mini holiday somewhere. And that’s what’s great about spontaneous finds. You really never know where a paved road may lead you or if that coffee shop on the street will be your go-to. Even the little awning shading you from the sun, while sharing it with a stranger, and now you have become best friends.


..to all the future places waiting to be found.
Thanks so much for reading friends! Have a wonderful Tuesday!

xx. Valentine

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Boho Chic // Mango

IMG_0269 copy

If you’ve seen the Chloe Nile, then you’ll know how similar this little dupe from Mango is. The Metallic Handle trend is huge right now and what’s better is how this bag can work on it’s own or with a scarf.


I dilberated on adding the scarf because the handle is the focus of the bag. But I tied it on and it definitely told a different story. And this blouse I purchased last summer has worked through all seasons. I love it when I work an old piece into a new outfit.

IMG_0311 copyIMG_0292

I’ve shopped so much online in past couple months that Mango definitely wins in the high street department for designer dupes. And it doesn’t remain permanant so you don’t feel the loss as the trend fades.
Though, I may forever carry this bag because of how unique it is. It’s also something that fits right into my wardrobe of semi-minimalist. I for sure cannot stop carrying it at the moment.
I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. Thanks so much for reading!

xx. Valentine

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..Ciao // Nine West Tatiana..

_MG_9810 copy-2

These little beauties from Nine West have quickly become my new favorite heels. The trouble I always have with pointed pumps is how my feet slide forward, even when I’m wearing the correct size and appropriate height.
What makes these different is how narrow the sides are as opposed to other brands I own (for the record I don’t have narrow feet either). It keeps my feet planted, allowing me to walk without the shoe slipping off my heels. So where have these been hiding my entire heel career?!

_MG_9859 copy-2_MG_9784 copy-3

On another note, I read through quite a few reviews before buying these. One, because it’s not a neutral color and I had to make sure it would be worn more than once. Which is what I do with my all my shoes and clothes. Second, the length of time I could wear these before having to trade them in for ballet flats. And last, because the material is NOT leather nor suede, rather fabric (like a khaki/cargo jacket). A majority of the reviewers were discouraged upon receiving their pair.
But because I was trying to add color to my wardrobe, I made the investment. Therefore I began researching what I could use on fabric shoes. And voila! Here we have the ‘Jason Mark Repel’. On the bottle it reads “premium stain & water repellant”and I will say, this works like magic.
Other than the two hours I had these on for the shoot, I’ve been wearing them at home to break them in. I’m happy to say, I may have just found my go-to shoe brand for pumps.

_MG_9865 copy_MG_9772 copy-3

xx. Valentine

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..sunsets & more..

_MG_9662 copy_MG_9710 copy_MG_9666 copy_MG_9705 copy

I love a perfect sunset that’s giving just the right amount of light. With the volume of rain I’ve seen in the last two weeks, I could not, not be outside and all smiles!
So here we in the middle of the week, just a couple more days and off to the weekend we go.
xx. Valentine
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City Affair

_MG_9609 copy

It took me a few visits onto J. Crew’s website to finally make this purchase. The hesitation was about how much wear I would get out of this piece. Granted, J. Crew’s petite sizes some times still run big on me so it had my inner fashion guru shaking her head a little. After about the fourth visit, I threw it into my basket and paid away.

_MG_9621 copy-2_MG_9602 copy

Upon it’s arrival and undoing the packaging, I thought about WHY I took so long to buy this! It was incredibly gorgeous and I foresaw the many outfits I could pair this trench with.

_MG_9617 copy_MG_9640 copy

So I’ll just say, a little leap of faith was all it took. Fashion is definitely finding something unexpected between the racks.

xx. Valentine

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Peony Blush

_MG_9474 copy
I’ve had pink in my wardrobe for awhile, but it seems I’m only wearing it much more because it’s on trend this season. It’s funny how that works. Personally, I don’t gravitate towards it on a first pick, but it’s been my go to since late Winter.
_MG_9547 copy
Like this detailed laced top I purchased from Zara*. It came in two other neutral colors but I couldn’t justify passing it up, so I went for it. And the more I wear it, the more I’m beginning to see that pink can be an overall neutral. Well, this particular tone at least. And because it reminds me of a peony bouquet, my favorite bloom.
_MG_9537 copy_MG_9572 copy
As feminine as the shade comes, I was inspired by the “menswear” look. Of course the top couldn’t be further from masculine, but the trousers aren’t. I like how tailored this bottom is because it helps keep my shape. Asos’ petites line is fantastic! They always fit true to size. as opposed to other petite lines I’ve tried. It was a definite win-win. Although I purchased these a year ago, it fits just right into Spring.
_MG_9518 copy

xx. Valentine

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… little Roja goes …

_MG_8323 copy-2

If you’ve been following my posts (if you don’t, you should my friend, just click the blue follow button and I’ll make sure you never miss an outfit ;)) you may have spotted lots of red. It’s such a great color that works year round; like in Spring, it’s definitely refreshing.

_MG_8350 copy

Though refreshing, it’s also vibrant. And it seems to be telling it’s own story while complementing other colors it’s paired with. If the color isn’t seen on that day’s scarf or spotted strewn across the little handbag , it’s sitting pretty on my lips.

_MG_8326 copy_MG_8366 copy

So when little Roja goes riding …

xx. Valentine

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Scarlett & Leo

_MG_8279 copy

Once in a while, it’s never a bad thing to live on the wild side. I always feel so fierce when I carry this leopard print clutch. I’d like to point out how befitting it is to have an almost similar name like the designer of this clutch, Valentino. While my name permanently resides at Valentine. But here’s a short story: throughout high school and some uni days, my nickname was Valentino. I believe I was named it for some sense of humor. At first i found it strange, to be nicknamed a male name. But it grew on me and I wasn’t so bothered.
_MG_8246 copy
So here I am, sporting “Leo” (yes, I name some of my beloved material items) the clutch and red. I always seem to pair these two without fail. Yes. they’re both bold but they never clash either.

_MG_8235 copy_MG_8248 copy

And Scarlett (my new beloved sunnies) came to me just recently. They’re incredibly chic and some may say they’re trendy. But I could definitely find myself wearing this beauty lots. My wardrobe palette always begins neutral and then I build color around it and vice versa. So here we have the story of Scarlett & Leo, a fabulous pair.
Thanks so much for stopping by. Have a wonderful Friday friends!

xx. Valentine

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