Must Have Basics // PINK


The best thing about getting dressed in the morning is having go-to basics. Blazers are something I wear a lot of because I work in an office setting but I also dress them down with jeans and shorts. I find them completely versatile and believe everyone should own a quality one or a few.


Another great basic are jeans, whether it’s blue, white or black. I stray away from colored jeans because they’re trendy and I always find myself giving it to charity after three months. The one I have on is by Levi’s and are my favorite because of the high waist and the raw cut at the hem (which I DIY’d). It adds a twist to “basic” and adds edge to the feminine pink jacket. High waist jeans also give my petite frame some height.


The other basics I love are white tees (also great in grey and black) and nude shoes, whether it’s heels or flats. I have a couple white tees (and am in desperate need of ALOT more), this one has the streets of New York sewn on, which again puts a ‘twist’ on basics but I love it and have worn it so much that I’m afraid it’ll soon be worn out. Lol. Otherwise I stick with solid whites (black or grey) because I dress them up or down.
And nude shoes are a MUST! .. they go with everything and they never fail to match. I have many pairs because of how fast I go through them in a year span. It’s definitely the best basic for shoes and they also elongate your stature.


What are your go-to basics?
xx. Valentine
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Monday Florals // Romper Season


Summer has been good this year with very few extremely hot and humid days. I don’t remember a summer this balanced and I LOVE IT! When it is extreme, I like to wear airy pieces because it keeps me cool and comfortable. This backless romper definitely saved me. It reminds me of a Zimmerman piece (which is way out of price range right now). But this is such a keeper when it’s at a fraction of the designer price.




What’s your favorite summer go to?
xx. Valentine
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Summer Chic // John Lennon


” You say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one. I hope someday you’ll join us. And the world will live as one.” – John Lennon


While shopping in Target I came upon these sunglasses and E V E R Y T H I N G about John Lennon came rushing at me. Obviously his staple glasses are beyond my target purchase but I can see why his were so significant to him. I can’t explain what he felt putting them on everyday, but I will say my pair of sunglasses definitely transported me to whole ‘nother era.


Wearing these shades takes me to his lyrics from ‘Beautiful Boy’,
.. before you cross the street, take my hand. Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans ..
Sometimes we forget to live in the moment, to enjoy current events, most of which are usually small things but make a big impact. There are the adult things, where we are planning for a future we know is not certain. We’d like to just put on shades, a facade and carry on arranging.


..but life is too short. We should wear them to enjoy the world in the moment, as is. No planning, no organizing, nothing but the current moment.
xx. Valentine
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Linen Love // Miami Edn Two


Welcome back to Miami photoshoot TWO! This was so fun to shoot and this dress was an absolute dream, especially for the beach. I was pleasantly surprised while scrolling through Forever 21. I love how they are expanding and carrying other brands.


The dress is made of a linen material which I think is great for the warmer months. Though linen does crease very easily, I still love how the breeze flows right through so you’re kept cool.


The funny thing is, I initially planned to shoot this dress at 5 am (or between 6 and 7 am for photos with no crowd or bodies in your photos) but it was just not doable when my mind was on vacation mode. So it got pushed to 11 am; which is why the sun sat so high in the day and Miami heat is no joke. Nonetheless, I think it turned out just right. And the giant drift wood was not planned either, we came upon it while scouting for a photo spot. “It was meant to be” like my photographer had said when we encountered it.


…I definitely believe beaches heal the soul to some extent. And traveling is one of the best things someone can do to escape.
xx. Valentine
Forever 21 Dress | Chloe Nile ‘Dupe’ Handbag – Amazon

Summer Gingham & Miami Heat


I have only traveled to Florida once and that was with family. This time around I went with just the loved one and it was amazing! I was thoroughly enjoying my time there until … I caught swimmer’s ear on my second night. It was dreadful there on out because it was get tinges of pain from the earache.


Even though I was experiencing that, I still enjoyed every minute.  And the waves are like what you see in the movies, moving  so serenely in and out and the warmth was just right.
Now let’s talk about this outfit and how perfect it was for this beach day. I was thinking about the 50’s, high-waisted shorts and a gingham crop top. Did I channel that era? What’s insane is, I had only carry on luggage and managed to get seven outfits into it .. with 5 handbags and five pairs of shoes. Not excessive at all (giggles) … but really, I needed options.


There’s just so much to say about Miami … it’s definitely more than a few beaches and the weather. The people, culture, food and the sights .. it was a great! A much needed trip.


LOVED Miami … need to go back soon. <33
What is your most memorable trip?
xx. Valentine
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