Catalina Island

This was the best but also the saddest trip I’ve been on in the States. Let’s start with the best part. I’ve never encountered a place like this where I’ve fallen head over heels – the locals were wonderful and open to sharing their personal story about how they found a home on Catalina Island. And now I can’t imagine not visiting again when I’m in California.

We were stationed in Anaheim for a family trip and this was on the itinerary for the week. My boyfriend and I drove out on an early Tuesday Morning while the sun was rising and then through the green pasture mountains. I’ve only ever seen the city and the ocean, but nothing that would bring profound awe. Upon arriving at Dana Point, we paid for a parking ticket and boarded a 1.5 hour boat ride to the island.

We arrived at noon and this is where I knew I would want love to spend my old age days. There were so many things to see and do. We explored the streets where these photos were shot and then took a little hike up to Chimes Tower where an old bell sat. And then we ate some island pizza and ate again at a burger restaurant. There are many local shops here where I was able to pick up some gifts. And the last thing we did was rent a golf cart and drove through the town and up the mountain roads. If you’ve ever played Mario Kart as a teenager, it’s a very familiar feel but real life.

The sad part of this trip was remembering .. remembering my little brother. In August of 2017 he committed suicide and every time I go to a new place, hear new sounds and smell new things .. I think about all the beautiful things that he would’ve loved and the new adventures he would’ve made better.

XO – Valentine

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