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For a time I stopped purchasing items from H&M after watching the documentary ‘The True Cost’ a few months ago. It was definitely eye opening and it really made me think about where clothing items are being made and who was effected. After careful research, the company has been making great strides and so I decided I would give them a go again.
I have always had a place for H&M so I was initially upset at what was happening. But with the changes the company has made and is continuing, I am ecstatic for the pieces I can purchase without a doubt in my mind on how it’s made and where it’s coming from.
This skirt being one of the items this Spring that I’m excited about. I typically stick to a neutral palette with some color play here and there. But this print is definitely different and I love it! I also happen to have just the perfect tee to pair with it. And I added the knot on the top to add a relaxed feel.

Have you watched ‘The True Cost’? If yes, what did you think about it? If you haven’t had the chance yet, you must. 🙂

XO – Valentine

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