Inside the closet diaries –

Fashion & Lifestyle blogger based in Minneapolis. What first began as a walk-in-closet and one manikin, quickly became a creative outlet to share her personal style. Valentine’s inspirations come from simplicity, tailored structures and a stand out piece; staying timelessly chic, yet modern.

Fashion has always been Valentine’s calling as a young lady. And soon after having been apart of the retail world for a few years, it’s shown her the ins and outs of what fashion entails. The constant industry will always be her place of refuge. As she considers it to be one of a kind therapy; with means well spent on her passion and being able to share that with the world.

Therefore, through much deliberation and countless wine glasses, the name CllSTAFFAIRS (closet affairs) was formed from the many labels within her closet. Being able to cross pieces from many designers and brands, all while standing at just 5 feet.


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