..Levi’s // Short-Shorts..


Nothing is better than comfortable clothes, literally. A pair of shorts and a tee is sometimes all I feel like jumping into. But I still wanted to look put together, so what do you grab? .. Of course a blazer! And also, a pair of stiletto pumps. I love how they elongate your legs and because you’re covered heavily on top, your legs paint the way to a semi-dressed up look. This look also works for a date night without looking like you walked out of ‘Pretty Woman’ (Sorry Julia).



xx. Valentine

H&M Blazer (Similar HERE & HERE) | Forever 21 ‘No Photos Tee‘ | Levi’s 535 Shorts (Similar HERE & HERE) | Mango Metallic Handle Bag | Zara Pumps (Featured HERE) | H&M Scarf (Featured HERE)

.. Bliss..


I’ve been on the hunt for earrings that yell their own story. They are reminiscent of my culture and breathtakingly beautiful.


I just love the idea of finding a piece of me, a piece of home, a piece of my history and my family’s history in a jewelry item. They’re intimate you see, holding a place of warmth and joy. So when a material item becomes more than material, it’s pure bliss.


I love how authentic Baublebar is. And they never disappoint in the pieces they create. I’ve been a long time fan but they’ve definitely gotten something bigger out of me, a memory. Something that roots me back home.
Thanks so much for reading friends! I hope you enjoyed a brief story of my happiness. What’s a memory of yours from a material item?

xx. Valentine

J.O.A. Off Shoulder Top | Levi’s 710 Skinny (Similar HERE & HERE) | Zara pumps (Featured HERE) | Michael Kors Tweed Shoulder Bag | Baublebar Isadora Earrings

..Rosie Huntington Whiteley Inspired ..


I was totally channeling RWH. She’s one of my favorite models whom I look to for outfit inspirations. Rosie’s style is always chic and effortless and she never over does it.
So let’s talk about you .. Who do you look up to for inspiration?

xx. Valentine

H&M Blouse | Levi’s 710 Skinny Denim  (Similar HERE)| Mango Metallic Handle Bag (Featured HERE ) | Sam Edelman Ankle Boots (Similar HERE & HERE) | H&M Neck Scarf – tied around bag handle (Similar HERE & HERE)



I always hear the burning question of how to wear leopard print in the Spring/Summer months and it’s very doable. It all depends on what kind of fabric your top or bottom piece is. Linen is great for the warmer months and so is sheer, free flowing blouses. On accessory items though, it works on all.

_MG_0730 copy_MG_0818

You’ll find that most luxury designers use calf hair for their handbags and shoes. The high street shops such as H&M will use fabric. Which ever you choose, should work with you and your outfits. I on the other hand love quality bags because they do last a long time. But sometimes I make high street handbag purchases because it’s a trend. My shoes though, I tend to wait for a sale or buy high street as well because they will wear and tear a lot quicker.

_MG_0698 copy

Leopard is definitely a bold print and it doesn’t work for everyone. But it’s a classic and can be worn year round. If you start small with the print on a wallet or a neck-tie scarf and work your way up, you’ll start to feel out how to couple pieces together. I typically form a bold print with a simple outfit or vice versa. On a more courageous scale, you can pair leopard with floral or stripes. But what ever you choose, wear it with confidence.
Thanks so much for reading and don’t forget to shop this look below. Happy Tuesday friends!

xx. Valentine

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Extra Petite // Floral Jumpsuit

_MG_0551 copy

The struggle with being extra petite is finding clothes to fit exactly right.
Since the ninth grade, I have literally stayed the same height and weight. And I’ve always been told to shop in the little girl’s section, granted they have really cute pieces, but cute (as in 10 years old and two pony tails) doesn’t quite fit the mold when you’re 26.

_MG_0618 copy_MG_0598 copy

So I’ve found myself shopping in the juniors section on occasion because they fit well enough. What’s great now is how diverse the fashion world is becoming, to conform to ALL body sizes. So while that’s in the works, I’ll have to be patient and persistent still. But sometimes, surprises come knocking.

_MG_0518 copy_MG_0561 copy_MG_0577 copy

Like this spontaneous shopping trip, where I finally find what I’ve been looking for the last two months. The floral jumpsuit was a great buy from Marshalls. It wasn’t overpriced (Marshalls never is which is fabulous) and then I tailored the bust area half an inch on each side to create a slim silhouette atop (before is was flowy, like a blouse). On the other hand, the bottom section didn’t need to be hemmed, which is rare since I stand at only 5’1/2″. With all the jumpsuits I’ve tried earlier this Spring, they all had at least six inches of extra fabric. So in all, I won that day fashion world!

xx. Valentine

Sienna Sky Jumpsuit (Similar HERE, HERE & HERE) | Zara Pumps (Featured HERE) | H&M Shoulder Bag | BP Sunglasses (Similar HERE & HERE)

.. let’s salsa ..

_MG_0360 copy

I absolutely love this hemline! It’s flirty, feminine and so sexy. It definitely makes me want to Salsa to Despacito. What’s more is this beautiful shade of red. H&M is at the top of their game with the Spring/Summer pieces this year!

_MG_0357 copy_MG_0370 copy

When I saw this across the store I knew I knew I had to have it, it was just a matter of how much wear I would get (the old age question I ALWAYS ask when purchasing clothes). Nonetheless. this is perfect for the spring months, and wedding parties. Or like I have it here, out on a casual shopping excursion.

_MG_0466 copy_MG_0451 copy

My wardrobe has never had so much color before but I’m liking the change. It makes me happier. Previously, I had streamlined, tailored  pieces with ninety percent neutrals. It was easier to maintain and shop for. Also, staying within color limits saved my bank account from shrinking (the frugal shoppers can relate to this). Now, it’s 40/60, with mostly black and white in the neutrals section and almost a full rainbow in the other. Change is good.

xx. Valentine

H&M Lace Dress | Zara Pumps (Featured HERE OR Similar HERE) | Charming Charlie Clutch (Similar HERE & HERE) | BP Sunglasses (Featured HERE OR Similar HERE)

“..a little Rome..”

_MG_9961 copy

I stumbled upon this colorful alley while scouting for another photo shoot and I had to come back. While looking, I already mindlessly picked out this outfit while peeking through the little shops. It’s quaint and reminds me of something you’d encounter in Rome, Italy. But I have only seen the little roads and shops of Rome through pictures.

_MG_0052_MG_0095 copy

Yet it felt like I went on a mini holiday somewhere. And that’s what’s great about spontaneous finds. You really never know where a paved road may lead you or if that coffee shop on the street will be your go-to. Even the little awning shading you from the sun, while sharing it with a stranger, and now you have become best friends.


..to all the future places waiting to be found.
Thanks so much for reading friends! Have a wonderful Tuesday!

xx. Valentine

Forever 21 Off Shoulder Crop Blouse (Similar HERE & HERE) | Forver 21 Floral Shorts (Similar HERE & HERE) | Zara Crossbody (Similar HERE & HERE) | Zara Pumps (Featured HERE & HERE) | Ann Taylor Raffia Earrings

Boho Chic // Mango

IMG_0269 copy

If you’ve seen the Chloe Nile, then you’ll know how similar this little dupe from Mango is. The Metallic Handle trend is huge right now and what’s better is how this bag can work on it’s own or with a scarf.


I dilberated on adding the scarf because the handle is the focus of the bag. But I tied it on and it definitely told a different story. And this blouse I purchased last summer has worked through all seasons. I love it when I work an old piece into a new outfit.

IMG_0311 copyIMG_0292

I’ve shopped so much online in past couple months that Mango definitely wins in the high street department for designer dupes. And it doesn’t remain permanant so you don’t feel the loss as the trend fades.
Though, I may forever carry this bag because of how unique it is. It’s also something that fits right into my wardrobe of semi-minimalist. I for sure cannot stop carrying it at the moment.
I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. Thanks so much for reading!

xx. Valentine

F21 Blouse (Similar HERE & HERE) | Levi’s 501 Denim Shorts (Similar HERE & HERE) | F21 Lace-up Sandals (Similar HERE & HERE) | Mango Metallic Handle Bag| BP Red Sunglasses|BP Paisley Scarf (Similar HERE)