Fall Vibes with Forever 21



Hello Friends! It’s been a LONG while since my last post. I’ve been caught up in school and figuring out other personal events. But can we just take a moment to admire this mini dress?! It screams Fall and I couldn’t be happier! The temp is slowly dropping and I really just want Summer to end now. If anyone knows me, I am not a fan of hot humid weather. I rarely do much in this season but I don’t think I’m missing out on much. I find it incredibly uncomfortable to do anything in weather that leaves you sticky 20 mins into being outside. Nonetheless, it’s coming to it’s end and then the best season will be upon us.
I hope everyone has had a wonderful August so far. This year is just flying by and now I’m sitting here trying to remember memorable moments; or Polaroid moments I should say. Enjoy the rest of your week! 💋
P.S. Shop this look below if your excited for Fall!

xx. Valentine

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…. Where have I been? // H&M

 I’ve been MIA and for a good reason …. I’M GOING BACK TO SCHOOL! It’s been a long debate but I believe Nursing School will be amazing! I’ve already received many questionable expressions in regards to a Nursing career because my ultimate love is Fashion. But during my debate, I asked myself many, many times whether I should pursue public relations, which does align with fashion or go to design school. Then Nursing was thrown into the loop.
And though I’ve gone to design school for a couple years, it just wasn’t my cup of tea. I found it monotonous, the sewing especially. I love sketching designs of course, but I believe you have to love everything within what you’re passionate about for there to be continuous success. Yet, to each their own.
So how does Nursing fit into my life? I love children and being able to work with them. When I was a Montessori Teacher way back when, I found lots of happiness there. The way they think and grow and what they teach. But specifically, I would love to be an OB or a Pediatric Nurse.
Now I’m not stopping my blog or halting my beautiful fashion finds ( I WOULD NEVER .. LOL). But it shall definitely remain my most prized hobby …

xx. – Valentine


Ten Sherman Sixty Distressed Tee (Similar HERE & HERE) | H&M Lace Skirt (HERE, HERE & HERE)| Michael Kors Sloan Editor (Other colors HERE & HERE) | Zara Pumps (Featured HERE)

Dots – Undone // Banana Republic


Banana Republic has done it again! I usually find myself scrolling pass the trousers section because their 00P are still big on my extra petite frame, but these were a head turner and more. They’re definitely a classic piece and so summery. I can see myself wearing these for many summers to come.


As I previously mentioned about their sizes, these trousers ran bigger than what their petite guide lists. And by “bigger”, the waist in these trousers were 3 inches wider. Since I loved them so much, I had them tailored to my normal 24″. I kept the hem as is because I choose to wear heels with them. But I am actually thinking of buying another pair just so I can have it hemmed to wear with flats. Decisions … Decisions ..


Since I purchased these on a deal, I had them tailored and the sale price + the tailor’s price, came out to the pant’s original cost. So in all, this was a great buy. I may wait for another deal though for that second pair.
What’s your take? Would you buy a second pair you LOVE to wear with flats on occasions like this? Comment below and let me know! 🙂
Thank you for visiting! Have a wonderful Wednesday!

xx. Valentine

H&M Top – old (Similar HERE & HERE) | Banana Republic PETITE Dot Trousers – 00P | Michael Kors Clutch | Christian Sirano Heeled Sandals – old (Similar HERE & HERE)

Sunset – Beach // Soludos Merida Basket


I am absolutely in LOVE with the straw bag trend this season! Whenever I see one, I am reminded of how connected we are because these bags come from all over the world. There’s so much culture and effort that’s put into creating it. Soludos definitely captured my love for this Merida Pom Pom Basket.


And between cultures, lies some water and sand. The sunset was so beautiful here and whats more is how this place could pull off as a mini Bermuda. I haven’t been there but from pictures, it is breathtakingly serene.


I could’ve danced all night with the sand in my toes as the slow tides came in. And the night sky would’ve been filled with stars and the breeze would be just right. But of course, everything comes to an end. The beach has to sleep, closing it’s land just shy of ten.


…There will be more of these summer days where there’s no agenda but just play.
Thanks so much for reading. I hope your weekend was filled with sunshine and smiles.

xx. Valentine

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Topshop ‘MERCI’ // Denim – Skirt Classics


I came upon this tee while watching a Youtuber showcase some of her Summer wardrobe pieces. At first, it was just another tee with words on it, but every time I came by it on Nordstrom’s online shop, it grew more and more on me. And then it dawned on me how similar it looked to Gucci’s tee.  The upside, Topshop’s piece doesn’t come with a hefty price so I snagged a medium. This was such a hot item then that there weren’t any smalls left.


While this tee was on it’s way to my home, I did occasionally check online to see if they had restocked a small and they hadn’t. At this point I was still skeptical about keeping it since I’m not keen on over-sized pieces. And reason being that it would swallow my small frame.
When I opened the package, it wasn’t as big as I had imagined. And it was also 100% cotton which meant if I wanted it to fit more snug, I can wash it in hot water and dry it on high heat (best way to shrink cotton or linen one size down).


In all, this was a good purchase. I wanted to change up this business skirt so choosing a tee over a blouse was a win. Plus, this little denim jacket screams casual as well.
Thanks so much for reading. I hope everyone is having a good holiday. (It’s my half birthday on July 4th so I’m most definitely going to enjoy it!) Happy 4th Friends!!

xx. Valentine

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Summer Stripes // J.O.A.


I LOVE STRIPES! They remind me of Paris. The way the french girls dress it, minimal and so chic. Now I know not everyone likes it because it can shorten or can make you appear wider; so petite women have been told to avoid them. But I’d like to differ.


Not all stripes are created equal, but petite women can own it. Whether these stripes are placed close or far apart on a garment, you can choose and wear accordingly for your body. Like this top from Nordstrom. The lines are vertical and horizontal. The reason why it doesn’t appear off is because of how it closely fits to my body and on top of that, there’s a tie-belt allowing me accentuate my waist. The little flare below the waist gives me hips too (this part though, may not work for all petite bodies. I have a rectangular shape of close equal width from the shoulders all the way through to my hips).  This top was
What ever the reason, there are a few striped choices to choose from, direction wise. I find that trying it on, in multiple cuts or fabric, works wonderfully.


If you love stripes, great! If you’re trying it out for the first time, don’t splurge on a quality piece until you know how stripes sit on you. But it is a classic staple and everyone should have it in their wardrobe. It’s great for dressing up or down.

xx. Valentine

J.O.A. Stripe One Shoulder | Paige Denim Skinny (Similar HERE & HERE) | Michael Kors Sloan Editor Shoudler Bag | Zara Pumps (Featured HERE) | Forever 21 Statement Studs (Similar HERE & HERE)

Cityscape // Express Petite


I love duster coats!! And Being petite doesn’t stop me from wearing them. In fact, I believe they lengthen your height when it’s the correct cut. Which Express has done a wonderful job with. When the length falls just right as well as the sleeves, you’ve got a good thing going. I stand at only 5 feet and this coat isn’t drowning me at all.


When I first saw this is in regular sizing, I pulled the smallest size (0 Regular) just to try on. And yes, obviously the cut wasn’t working. But of course I knew that Express carries Petite Sizes online, therefore I jumped on the site and made a purchase.
The color is a beautiful shade of sunset pink, which is perfect for Spring/Summer. And I included Summer because it’s actually been 65 degrees and windy here (Mother Nature has been playing tricks). So this has been my go to jacket. In terms of weight, the fabric is semi-light and airy.


Since I wanted this jacket to stand out, I paired it with a basic distressed tee and skinny denim. I threw on the shoulder bag to keep the shades of pink repeating. In a previous post, I mentioned that I have been wearing blush pink as a neutral, and here it is just that but it also compliments the shade in the jacket. So you can definitely dress the jacket up or down.
I hope everyone’s weekend was well, whether it was a relaxed one or you had an event. Thanks so much for reading. Happy Monday!

xx. Valentine

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..Levi’s // Short-Shorts..


Nothing is better than comfortable clothes, literally. A pair of shorts and a tee is sometimes all I feel like jumping into. But I still wanted to look put together, so what do you grab? .. Of course a blazer! And also, a pair of stiletto pumps. I love how they elongate your legs and because you’re covered heavily on top, your legs paint the way to a semi-dressed up look. This look also works for a date night without looking like you walked out of ‘Pretty Woman’ (Sorry Julia).



xx. Valentine

H&M Blazer (Similar HERE & HERE) | Forever 21 ‘No Photos Tee‘ | Levi’s 535 Shorts (Similar HERE & HERE) | Mango Metallic Handle Bag | Zara Pumps (Featured HERE) | H&M Scarf (Featured HERE)

.. Bliss..


I’ve been on the hunt for earrings that yell their own story. They are reminiscent of my culture and breathtakingly beautiful.


I just love the idea of finding a piece of me, a piece of home, a piece of my history and my family’s history in a jewelry item. They’re intimate you see, holding a place of warmth and joy. So when a material item becomes more than material, it’s pure bliss.


I love how authentic Baublebar is. And they never disappoint in the pieces they create. I’ve been a long time fan but they’ve definitely gotten something bigger out of me, a memory. Something that roots me back home.
Thanks so much for reading friends! I hope you enjoyed a brief story of my happiness. What’s a memory of yours from a material item?

xx. Valentine

J.O.A. Off Shoulder Top | Levi’s 710 Skinny (Similar HERE & HERE) | Zara pumps (Featured HERE) | Michael Kors Tweed Shoulder Bag | Baublebar Isadora Earrings

..Rosie Huntington Whiteley Inspired ..


I was totally channeling RWH. She’s one of my favorite models whom I look to for outfit inspirations. Rosie’s style is always chic and effortless and she never over does it.
So let’s talk about you .. Who do you look up to for inspiration?

xx. Valentine

H&M Blouse | Levi’s 710 Skinny Denim  (Similar HERE)| Mango Metallic Handle Bag (Featured HERE ) | Sam Edelman Ankle Boots (Similar HERE & HERE) | H&M Neck Scarf – tied around bag handle (Similar HERE & HERE)