Denim Skirt Pairing

Taking a moment to bask in this sunny weather. Living in the Midwest I almost forget what Spring feels like because Winter is so long and dreary. But now that it’s gone for awhile, I’m making it a point to be outside everyday for at least a couple hours if I’m able. Can you tell from the yellow blouse that I’m ecstatic about the changeover?!

Anywho, when I saw this denim skirt, it definitely brought me back to the 90s. The last time I wore one was when I turned 15, and that may have been the only time now that I think back. I liked them then but didn’t love them. Now that the silhouettes have changed with the times, I’m definitely taking my words back.

What are you most excited about this Spring? And are there any items that you find yourself loving now than in the past? Share your thoughts, I would love to know!

XO – Valentine

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Trending Blue

One of the colors I was most excited to try for Spring is this blue shade. I don’t own a lot of blue pieces so when I saw this as a trending item, I immediately fell in love. And I don’t usually stray towards trends, but this was a good one. I even found a tweed jacket in this color and thought it was the most perfect thing. But I couldn’t justify spending 150.00 at the time for something that I wouldn’t get too much wear out of. So I settled on this little knit top and love it!

XO – Valentine

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Tweed in Spring

I honestly don’t know how many tweed jackets I have. I find them to be the ultimate layering piece and they’re classic as well. This little red-orange jacket was found at Marshalls for 40.00 which is a steal for the great quality.

What’s your go to piece?

XO -Valentine

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The Perfect Suit

Being petite, it becomes costly to get everything tailored. So when there’s an off chance that you find a couple pieces that fit perfectly, it’s A MIRACLE! I’m glad that stores are offering a wider range of sizes. I love also love how this suit makes me feel; the power suit. And the other funny thing is that these two pieces aren’t even from the same brand, but they work so well together.

Have you found pieces by surprise that worked in your favor? Share your story, I would love to know!

XO – Valentine.

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Topshop Re-run

One of the many coats for this season is this one from Topshop. I purchased it last year, wore it twice and then put it away and now it’s back! I love the green color and find it absolutely appropriate for the blooming season.

Do you have more than one coat that you will be wearing this season? If yes, I would love to know some of your favorite brands. 😉

XO – Valentine

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Florals & Sequins

I used to think that sequins were best for a night out on the town or only special occasions. But now I wear them like they’re casual pieces in my wardrobe. I think it’s best to dress down anything sequin if I want to wear it for the day. I like to pair them with denim jeans, sneakers and layer on a denim jacket.

In this post, I was a little more playful and thought I would wear this top with linen pants and these cute knot sandals. This outfit definitely screams Summer but it works for this season as well because of the pretty blooms throughout the top.

XO – Valentine

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Pink for Spring

Have you been skeptical about a piece of clothing before? Like I was with wide leg pants? On a model who is 5’9, they always looked marvelous .. and I just didn’t think they would ever work with my petite frame. But here we are, years later and I am in LOVE with them! I have them in 3 colors and counting. You may have already seen the other colors in my previous posts HERE & HERE.

They definitely give me the height I was not prepared for and I love how they skim the floor at just the right length. What do you think about these pants? Are they too much or just right?

XO – Valentine.

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Catalina Island

This was the best but also the saddest trip I’ve been on in the States. Let’s start with the best part. I’ve never encountered a place like this where I’ve fallen head over heels – the locals were wonderful and open to sharing their personal story about how they found a home on Catalina Island. And now I can’t imagine not visiting again when I’m in California.

We were stationed in Anaheim for a family trip and this was on the itinerary for the week. My boyfriend and I drove out on an early Tuesday Morning while the sun was rising and then through the green pasture mountains. I’ve only ever seen the city and the ocean, but nothing that would bring profound awe. Upon arriving at Dana Point, we paid for a parking ticket and boarded a 1.5 hour boat ride to the island.

We arrived at noon and this is where I knew I would want love to spend my old age days. There were so many things to see and do. We explored the streets where these photos were shot and then took a little hike up to Chimes Tower where an old bell sat. And then we ate some island pizza and ate again at a burger restaurant. There are many local shops here where I was able to pick up some gifts. And the last thing we did was rent a golf cart and drove through the town and up the mountain roads. If you’ve ever played Mario Kart as a teenager, it’s a very familiar feel but real life.

The sad part of this trip was remembering .. remembering my little brother. In August of 2017 he committed suicide and every time I go to a new place, hear new sounds and smell new things .. I think about all the beautiful things that he would’ve loved and the new adventures he would’ve made better.

XO – Valentine

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