Feminine Fall

If you’ve been following me for a while, you will know that I’m a huge fan of streamlined, tailored pieces because I’m extra petite. These kinds of pieces are fluid and straight throughout so it doesn’t drown my stature. So when I began to experiment with wider shapes, like these wide leg pants, I wasContinue reading “Feminine Fall”

Little Havana // Hello Molly Dress

This dress is definitely made for nights in Havana (which I’ve never been to.. but maybe someday). The flirty hem screams “let’s dance some more!” which is why I was drawn to it. I also loved the flow of fabric on this piece but I did somewhat get lost in all the volume which isContinue reading “Little Havana // Hello Molly Dress”

Must Have Basics // PINK

The best thing about getting dressed in the morning is having go-to basics. Blazers are something I wear a lot of because I work in an office setting but I also dress them down with jeans and shorts. I find them completely versatile and believe everyone should own a quality one or a few. AnotherContinue reading “Must Have Basics // PINK”

Monday Florals // Romper Season

Summer has been good this year with very few extremely hot and humid days. I don’t remember a summer this balanced and I LOVE IT! When it is extreme, I like to wear airy pieces because it keeps me cool and comfortable. This backless romper definitely saved me. It reminds me of a Zimmerman pieceContinue reading “Monday Florals // Romper Season”

Linen Love // Miami Edn Two

Welcome back to Miami photoshoot TWO! This was so fun to shoot and this dress was an absolute dream, especially for the beach. I was pleasantly surprised while scrolling through Forever 21. I love how they are expanding and carrying other brands. The dress is made of a linen material which I think is greatContinue reading “Linen Love // Miami Edn Two”