Summer Gingham & Miami Heat


I have only traveled to Florida once and that was with family. This time around I went with just the loved one and it was amazing! I was thoroughly enjoying my time there until … I caught swimmer’s ear on my second night. It was dreadful there on out because it was get tinges of pain from the earache.


Even though I was experiencing that, I still enjoyed every minute.  And the waves are like what you see in the movies, moving  so serenely in and out and the warmth was just right.
Now let’s talk about this outfit and how perfect it was for this beach day. I was thinking about the 50’s, high-waisted shorts and a gingham crop top. Did I channel that era? What’s insane is, I had only carry on luggage and managed to get seven outfits into it .. with 5 handbags and five pairs of shoes. Not excessive at all (giggles) … but really, I needed options.


There’s just so much to say about Miami … it’s definitely more than a few beaches and the weather. The people, culture, food and the sights .. it was a great! A much needed trip.


LOVED Miami … need to go back soon. <33
What is your most memorable trip?
xx. Valentine
F21 Gingham Top | F21 High Waist Shorts – old (Similar HERE & HERE) | BP Sunglasses – old (Similar HERE & HERE)

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