Linen Love // Miami Edn Two


Welcome back to Miami photoshoot TWO! This was so fun to shoot and this dress was an absolute dream, especially for the beach. I was pleasantly surprised while scrolling through Forever 21. I love how they are expanding and carrying other brands.


The dress is made of a linen material which I think is great for the warmer months. Though linen does crease very easily, I still love how the breeze flows right through so you’re kept cool.


The funny thing is, I initially planned to shoot this dress at 5 am (or between 6 and 7 am for photos with no crowd or bodies in your photos) but it was just not doable when my mind was on vacation mode. So it got pushed to 11 am; which is why the sun sat so high in the day and Miami heat is no joke. Nonetheless, I think it turned out just right. And the giant drift wood was not planned either, we came upon it while scouting for a photo spot. “It was meant to be” like my photographer had said when we encountered it.


…I definitely believe beaches heal the soul to some extent. And traveling is one of the best things someone can do to escape.
xx. Valentine
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