All that Glitters


I believe sequins are a must in everyone’s closet. Whether you have it on a pair of shoes or on a bag, even on a scarf. It’s attracts attention to a simple outfit like how I have it here, dressing it up on the days you didn’t quite have time to choose the outfit.


It can be intimidating to wear because you don’t want to leave your house looking like you let your 5 year old self dress you. It is all about wearing it at a minimum if you want to achieve a day time look. Leave the full blown glitz for a night out or the festive parties. I know I can never overlook some sparkle on the days I feel like I need it. And leaving some of that sparkle wherever you go is never a bad idea. I think the world needs more of it.
 Thanks so much for stopping by to read. Have a great day!
xx. -Valentine
Outer top: Ann Taylor (featured HERE) | Inner top: H&M (Similar HERE & HERE) | Bottoms: Zara (featured HERE) | Shoes: Banana Republic (featured HERE) | Handbag: Zara (featured HERE)

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