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The struggle with being extra petite is finding clothes to fit exactly right.
Since the ninth grade, I have literally stayed the same height and weight. And I’ve always been told to shop in the little girl’s section, granted they have really cute pieces, but cute (as in 10 years old and two pony tails) doesn’t quite fit the mold when you’re 26.

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So I’ve found myself shopping in the juniors section on occasion because they fit well enough. What’s great now is how diverse the fashion world is becoming, to conform to ALL body sizes. So while that’s in the works, I’ll have to be patient and persistent still. But sometimes, surprises come knocking.

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Like this spontaneous shopping trip, where I finally find what I’ve been looking for the last two months. The floral jumpsuit was a great buy from Marshalls. It wasn’t overpriced (Marshalls never is which is fabulous) and then I tailored the bust area half an inch on each side to create a slim silhouette atop (before is was flowy, like a blouse). On the other hand, the bottom section didn’t need to be hemmed, which is rare since I stand at only 5’1/2″. With all the jumpsuits I’ve tried earlier this Spring, they all had at least six inches of extra fabric. So in all, I won that day fashion world!

xx. Valentine

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