.. Bliss..


I’ve been on the hunt for earrings that yell their own story. They are reminiscent of my culture and breathtakingly beautiful.


I just love the idea of finding a piece of me, a piece of home, a piece of my history and my family’s history in a jewelry item. They’re intimate you see, holding a place of warmth and joy. So when a material item becomes more than material, it’s pure bliss.


I love how authentic Baublebar is. And they never disappoint in the pieces they create. I’ve been a long time fan but they’ve definitely gotten something bigger out of me, a memory. Something that roots me back home.
Thanks so much for reading friends! I hope you enjoyed a brief story of my happiness. What’s a memory of yours from a material item?

xx. Valentine

J.O.A. Off Shoulder Top | Levi’s 710 Skinny (Similar HERE & HERE) | Zara pumps (Featured HERE) | Michael Kors Tweed Shoulder Bag | Baublebar Isadora Earrings

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