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 I’ve been MIA and for a good reason …. I’M GOING BACK TO SCHOOL! It’s been a long debate but I believe Nursing School will be amazing! I’ve already received many questionable expressions in regards to a Nursing career because my ultimate love is Fashion. But during my debate, I asked myself many, many times whether I should pursue public relations, which does align with fashion or go to design school. Then Nursing was thrown into the loop.
And though I’ve gone to design school for a couple years, it just wasn’t my cup of tea. I found it monotonous, the sewing especially. I love sketching designs of course, but I believe you have to love everything within what you’re passionate about for there to be continuous success. Yet, to each their own.
So how does Nursing fit into my life? I love children and being able to work with them. When I was a Montessori Teacher way back when, I found lots of happiness there. The way they think and grow and what they teach. But specifically, I would love to be an OB or a Pediatric Nurse.
Now I’m not stopping my blog or halting my beautiful fashion finds ( I WOULD NEVER .. LOL). But it shall definitely remain my most prized hobby …

xx. – Valentine


Ten Sherman Sixty Distressed Tee (Similar HERE & HERE) | H&M Lace Skirt (HERE, HERE & HERE)| Michael Kors Sloan Editor (Other colors HERE & HERE) | Zara Pumps (Featured HERE)

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