Topshop ‘MERCI’ // Denim – Skirt Classics

I came upon this tee while watching a Youtuber showcase some of her Summer wardrobe pieces. At first, it was just another tee with words on it, but every time I came by it on Nordstrom’s online shop, it grew more and more on me. And then it dawned on me how similar it lookedContinue reading “Topshop ‘MERCI’ // Denim – Skirt Classics”

Summer Stripes // J.O.A.

I LOVE STRIPES! They remind me of Paris. The way the french girls dress it, minimal and so chic. Now I know not everyone likes it because it can shorten or can make you appear wider; so petite women have been told to avoid them. But I’d like to differ. Not all stripes are createdContinue reading “Summer Stripes // J.O.A.”